Newport Dragons – Newport, RI

Flair, talent, and experience. This Dragons squad has it all, with veterans Ramit Tandon and TJ Dembinski leading the way for dynamic up-and-comers Jeeva and Lovejoy. Look for Newport to make a statement in their home opener against the Chicago Grizzlies on May 3rd.

Team Owner:
Bear Dyke

St. George’s School

The seaside city is home to more than just a robust yachting culture. It has a long history of sporting events, having hosted the first U.S. Opens in both tennis and golf as well as every challenge of the America’s Cup from 1930-1983. It is currently the home of the International Tennis Hall of Fame and a place defined by sporting excellence.

Newport has a new and emerging squash community. St. George’s School, a picturesque campus that sits on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, will be the home location of the Newport Dragons. St. George’s has led the growth of the game in Newport in years past, recruiting some of the best domestic and international talents to play on its varsity team. However, with the recent construction of a new public facility in the Newport YMCA, which includes 8 singles courts and 1 hardball doubles court, the game is poised for a golden age of growth in the immediate future. The NSL is excited to help spearhead this development and deliver high-quality squash to inspire the next generation!