NSL Partners

Dunlop is a sports equipment brand that has a deep history in the game of squash as well as many other sports worldwide such as tennis, golf, badminton, and padel. They are one of the most well known equipment brands in the game and produce the official squash ball of the PSA world tour. The NSL is excited to be partnering with Dunlop to provide us with all the equipment necessary to run the league. They are also sponsoring several “Dunlop Future Stars” draft picks, in which they will provide equipment sponsorships to up-and-coming NSL players on each team.

Honeywick specializes in delivering a full range of IT and marketing services including custom website design, software development, branding, graphic design, digital and print marketing, and website hosting. They are the official provider of all these services for the NSL and play a key role in the marketing and expansion of the brand. Their customer relations and attention to detail are unparalleled and they have a well-rounded team that is prepared for any challenge.

National Squash League Sponsor J Press, NSL

JPRESS is a classic men’s apparel brand synonymous with the Ivy League style. The brand has a deep rooted history in the United States, founded in 1902 in New Haven, Connecticut on the Yale campus. They offer a wide range of clothing from tailored suits and business casual wear to accessories such as caps and scarves. They recently celebrated their 120th anniversary and continue to be iconically linked to a new generation of young and educated men.

Every new squash court building project is unique. We bring creativity, ingenuity, and out-of-the-box thinking to the development of new outdoor squash courts. And, because we can integrate design and building skills under one roof, we are uniquely positioned to consult, design, fabricate, deliver, and install beautiful squash courts never before imagined to be possible.

Imagine a place where time seems to slow down, and history runs as deep as the beauty of its backdrop. Welcome to The Greenbrier, a world-class resort and National Historic Landmark set among West Virginia’s majestic Allegheny Mountains. Since 1778, The Greenbrier has welcomed generations of guests to experience the enduring legacy of America’s Resort — a timeless getaway where moments become memories and the past is always present.

SquashSite has done a wonderful job of keeping records of squash tournaments and news throughout the years. SquashSite makes those statistics, news, calendar dates, and additional information important in the sport of squash easily available to the public and has worked with the National Squash League to create an NSL-focused website, as well.