About NSL

The start of the National Squash League stemmed from one question: What is missing from professional squash?

Professional squash events have been falling flat from the fan perspective. Why is that? We’ve created the National Squash League to solve the problem. 

The NSL is a team and city based league similar to other major league sports in the United States. The scoring format is unprecedented and enhances squash’s fast-paced and tactical qualities to constantly re-engage viewers. 

The competition consists of a 3 vs 3 team match played over 3 periods of timed squash, the first two periods being 20 minutes in duration and the third and final period being 30 minutes. The first two periods are worth one point each and the 3rd period is worth two points. In the event of a tie, one five minute overtime period is played. During the each of the first 2 periods teams can make 2 substitutions at any time, and in the third period each team will have 3 substitutions. Each team can also call a single Power Play in each of the first two periods, and two Power Plays in the third period. Only the team on Power Play can score points for a 2 minute duration.

The regular season will be contested in a group stage format consisting of two groups of three teams in a North and South division. The winner of each group will compete for the first ever NSL Championship in one final match!

Read more about the rules HERE.