NSL Rules

NSL Draft Rules

  • The NSL Draft will be done in 4 rounds in a snake format, where the draft order is reversed each round. 
  • The owner(s) of each team will choose one player from the eligible player pool each round. 
  • They will select three starters and one Dunlop Future Stars pick as their alternate player. 

NSL Scoring Rules

The National Squash League is employing a totally unique scoring system that keeps fans on the edge of their seats and challenges both players and managers tactically and physically. Each team will utilize 3 players competing over 3 periods of squash, the leading team by score after each period will win that leg of the match. Teams can sub their players on and off and use power plays to bring themselves to victory!

Running Clock 

  • Two 20 minute periods and third and final 30 minute period  
  • The first two legs are worth 1 point each, the final leg is worth 2 points 
  • 2 timeouts per period for subs, additional third timeout in the third period 
  • If tied after 3 legs, teams will enter into the Shootout:
    • Teams will set their players in order 1, 2, and 3. 
    • Each player will face off for one point according to the order, repeating if necessary.
    • The first team to 3 points wins the Shootout and the overall match. 

Power Plays

  • Each team has a 2 minute power play each period, and a second 1 minute power play in the third period
  • Only the team on power play can score points, the defending team can win rallies and serve but not score points until the duration is up
  • No concurrent power plays
  • No power plays with 4 minutes or less on the clock.