Nashville Crushers – Nashville, TN

Here come the Crushers! This squad is balanced from end to end, with Colombian superstars Juan Vargas and Ronald Palomino providing the engine for the team, and Herbert and Brownell bringing offensive flair and dynamic ability. Look for Nashville to become a potential juggernaut in the South Division.

Team Owner:
Jonathan Dyke

Mach Results


May 4th vs. Atlanta

May 17th @ Derby City

Result (Period Score)

W 4-0

L 1-3



Montgomery Bell Academy

Nashville in recent years has not been closely tied to squash; however, it has just built the first squash center in the history of the city. The three state of the art courts are located at Montgomery Bell Academy, one of the premier private schools in the area. They have recruited Dylan Cunningham, an American ex-professional player and former assistant coach at Drexel University, to lead the squash charge. Dylan is a highly knowledgeable coach with 3 years of experience on the PSA world tour and is now taking on the challenge of growing squash in Nashville from the grassroots level. 

Nashville, itself, is a vibrant and quickly expanding city. With the right leadership, it would be the perfect market to grow the game of squash. The Montgomery Bell facility will be an ideal host given its large and open viewing space behind the courts as well as the school’s newly found enthusiasm for the game within the community.

Get your Nashville hot chicken sandwiches, an ice cold Modelo, and buckle up for this monster of an event coming to the city this spring.

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